Aug 12, 2014

Vacaciones #frommarbellawithlove

It´s time for our annual Puerto Banus weeks and I´ve actually been here since last Friday in total bliss. There is nothing my entire family looks forward to more than these weeks. Having come to the Marbella area for the last 20 years, including our three kids coming here with us since they were newborn, means we all have established our own routines and favourites. Like going out for tapas at our special restaurant in the port with a table in the shadow (perfect with children who get to decide for themselves plus everything comes in mini portions), hanging out by the pool for hours, having a glass of chilled rosé for lunch at 3 pm, eating at least three ice creams a day when the temperature hits 37C or more (the kids, mostly...), some alone time in the evening (for mum) in the fantastic shops with all big brands open to after midnight, fashion shopping for the new season, staying in at night reading a (non fact) book or a glossy mag, grocery shopping in the great food hall at El Cortes Ingles or searching their enormous and well-equipped beauty floor for new must-have-cinderella-products, a morning run along the endless and beautiful sea front (my husband mostly, I can´t stand exercising in that heat more than doing laps in the pool or power walking the shops for hours:)

While the summer in Sweden has been overwhelmingly good, fantastic, fun and more that we could ever wish for this year, it´s also been hectic, and with work in between. So for this year's Marbella stay I´ve decided to totally check out from everything except my wonderful family, recharging the batteries for a Fall full of interesting and fun communications work (my day job), pretending-to-be-an-editor-and-loving-every-minute-of-it (the little side project called Beautifulosophy) and a busy social schedule (one can never spend too much time with great friends). This means I will leave you dear reader with some selected posts from the archives to dive into, feeling endlessly blessed to have you here and to see you again at the end of August.

If you want a piece of my Marbella during the weeks, please follow along. I will be posting @beautifulosophycom on Instagram.


One of my favourite spots in Marbella, and where we will head for their famous lunch buffé (set a side hours and come on an empty stomach) once again this year...the Marbella Club. And this little cool gem is also always on the agenda for at least one days visit...Tarifa Hurricane.

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