Nov 23, 2013

Take me back! [hotel HURRICANE Tarifa]

Let´s go back to summer for a little while...Every summer while in Marbella we go to the little town Tarifa. With its mile long beaches it´s a surfers paradise that almost makes you believe you´re not in Europe anymore...Hurricane is one of the most well known hotels along the coast of Tarifa. It´s almost as if time had stood still here and a bit magical, not an ordinary luxury hotel but a cool hotel with style. This is vacation where you can do nothing but check out from the ordinary life and go with the flow...

This huge sign greets you welcome to hotel Hurricane.
Greenery everywhere on the hotel, which almost feels secluded.
The terrace where to sip cocktails.
Look at the amazing greenery in the garden everywhere. 
The garden is full of details.
This place in the shadow almost makes you feel like you´re in another part of the world.
One of the hotel's lunch restaurants by the beach. You can almost feel the heat in the photos and tell that this is a great spot in the shadow. 
A great idea for storage and display of beautiful things.
The convenient stair from the hotel down to the beach.
Feels like sitting in a tropical garden. 
The hotel viewed from the beach.
Yes, this is Spain. 

The beach is full of kite surfers since Tarifa is one of the best spots for surfing in Europe. 
The water is magical.
The view over to Africa. 
If you don´t want to relax too much, Tarifa offers a lot of restaurants, bars and partying. Nightlife starts late (at 01 am) and ends late, and a night club can be found in a ruined fortress...
[All images by Beautifulosophy]