Feb 11, 2013

Bad bedtime habits depriving you of (beauty) sleep


We all know what sleep does for our mood. We also know how essential sleep is for the body to restore during night, not to mention the beauty sleep...Here are some of the worst bedtime habits that can deprive you of a good nights beauty sleep:

1 Watching TV before bed

2 Checking the time

3 Talking on the phone

4 Sleeping in a warm room

5 Leaving the lights on

6 Drinking caffein

7 Smoking

8 Having a cocktail

9 Too-tight PJ'S

10 Sleeping on your stomach or side

11 Going to bed with makeup

12 Skipping anti-aging products

13 Not brushing or flossing

[Source: Allure]

Sleep tight!

(I have to confess being guilty of #1 regularly, 8 could happen after a really good dinner party, 11 only in combination with a very good 8, and 13 although rather seldom...Stopping with all of this at once! What about you?)

(Image from Pinterest via loveblonde.tumblr.com)