Feb 11, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk - LIFE: How to...

What if...
...money was no object? What would you do? What really gives you pleasure in life? What can you become a master of? (Because that´s where the real money is.)What would you teach your children about? A short three minute but thoughtful video on how to live life, narrated by the writer Alan Watts. This isn´t anything new or rocket science, but we can all need to be reminded sometimes about our endless possibilities in life, and how we can maximise our own life to the best. We have a responsibility to ourselves to at least stop and think about it, since life goes by fast. Let´s have an inspired week, and maybe think a little extra on these questions...



  1. I love love love this video! It is awesome in its purest sense. I watch it from time to time just to remind myself.

  2. Yup, very subtle and nice reminder of what matters.

  3. It is an interesting thought surely, yet our world is not built that way and money means freedom to actually do what one desires and without that it may be a short life without the possibility to do what one desires to do... I have been there and lived poor and struggled ... Barely could afford to fly and see my family ever... Not sure how that was giving me the better life... Work is called work for a reason, they pay you to do it and life is expensive to live so one has to find balance ... It is a very idealistic belief and video and I don't mean to be a downer here (: as I am very happy but I know lots of people who do what they love but are not happy because they can't afford much "freedom" in their life and actually live it! It is simply a fact that we have to work hard to sustain ourselves and doing only what we live doesn't necessarily and always translate into that... Only to a few lucky ones. I don't agree that a short life doing what I want is better, I have a son and want to live as long as I can to see him live his life.... I hope you understand what I mean... I am not materialistic just realistic and having family is expensive and so on.... Life is expensive...traveling is...too and I want to afford that for my family(: so I am sorry but I think working hard in life is imPortant for society actually and not always synonymous to doing what we love! Hugs Z

    1. I love that you take the time to comment this much! Thank you! And I can totally understand what you mean, since I´m myself torn between these two. But I do think that we can be really successful if we examine what gives us pleasure and learn to do that very well, and translate it into work. We have three children, so of course I know how expensive it is with family, not to talk about travelling with the whole family...but love makes the world go `round! xo Caroline

  4. I am glad you take it well and happy to hear your personal opinion too! It is quite the subject for sure... I think I was the most ever successful fashion stylist in Calgary .... Haha but it was not enough! I live my job and worked hard and despite that I would prefer to do more lucrative job but enough... It would be great to talk about it more ... As it is life and I am passionate about becoming a better person every day. So I enjoy this subject as much as my passions ... Fashion and art. I believe if some people follow this theory they will do great in life and contribute to society's development forward but not all people can do that in my opinion ... Well it doesn't add up...and not everyone can be actually great at something so those ppl must just work... Otherwise we get communism and I did experience that too((((: I do wish that it would work though ... Believe me I am there with you on it!! Have a lovely week!