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Beautifulosophy offers brands the opportunity to reach thousands of women aged 30+ throughout the world (USA, Sweden and Europe being the largest audiences). Day time I´m a Communications Manager at an e-commerce company. I have a background in Communications & PR, Internet manager, e-commerce, magazine writing and publishing editor. Let´s work something out for your brand. 


42 Years old, happily married with three (definitely adorable) children. 
I must always have olive oil, avocado, chocolate, coffee, chai tea and red wine as comfort food at home.
I truly love healthy food. Sometimes I truly love junk food. 
I still miss Carrie and SATC.
I love pink peonies, hydrangea and white tulips.
I´m a city girl at heart, but I´ve become much more earthier, grounded and greener with age...
My style icon is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, still.
I went to University, lived on campus and loved every minute of it. Every minute.
I love my girlfriends. I feel truly blessed to call so many great, loving, interesting, funny, inspiring, beautiful women my friends.
I love a good party. Always will. Why be dull?
I can never resist a Ladurée macaron. 
I love Pinterest. And binge watching series with my husband for hours. Oh, just one more episode...
I swear by Estée Lauder Advanced Night repair and have used it religiously since the age of 35.

Beautifulosophy has no religon, politics or bound to anything. Everything here is editorial (otherwise clearly marked as advertising).