Aug 25, 2014

If all days were holidays...

Hurricane Hotel in Tarifa

The beach in Tarifa is amazing. 

Up in the mountains visiting friends. Magnificent view. 
Because Hermés is better with palms. 
One day we took the ferry from Puerto Banus to Marbella, a ride that takes 30 minutes. 
This is the garden belonging to our apartment. There´s no photos making it justice. It´s such a lush, green, tranquil place with greenery everywhere and narrow paths to follow to the pools or the beach. One of my favourite places, ever. 

...I wouldn´t appreciate it like this. I´m sure most of you agree with this, although it´s sometimes hard to land in reality afterwards. We´re just back from a few weeks in Puerto Banus and we had the best time. I loved spending so much time with my family, sometimes I can´t believe my luck having three such wonderful little persons (most of the time) as my children around me. Puerto Banus is a great place for the whole family, since you can spend a lot of time with your family and children, yet have some grown up time as well with great restaurants and late shopping. While I unpack, get back to my normal life and job, I´ll leave you with some of my iPhone photos from this year...(I know the quality is no good, but I just love the fact of being able to snap a photo on the go, having it in my phone whenever I want to look at it again and even mailing it to my blog or posting on instagram, when are brands like Nikon and Canon going to jump on that train, but that´s another story...)