Feb 24, 2014

The Monday Pep Talk | 3 Keywords for youthful living [Deepak Chopra on WSJ]

We all want to live forever, right. Or at least lead a long life. And with a purpose. And also look young throughout our whole life...Recently The Wall street Journal interviewed the holistic expert and bestselling author Deepak Chopra on their tv channel WSJ Live. The subject was how to have a youthful outlook on life according to Deepak Chopras new "age reversal concept". Deepak Chopra told WSJ about our different ages, which isn´t one but three. There are the chronological age, of course. Then the biological age, meaning how old your body is according to health, exercise and living that can be measured by your doctor. The third age is called the psychological age, and this is how old you actually feel (also my personal favourite since I will never, ever really feel old...) All these three needs to be looked at together when talking about age. Deepak Chopra also went on to tell how science now can show evidence that meditation actually influences, in a positive way, the biological age. And Deepak Chopra says that "if you really want to get old, you shall not worry about it. You have to have flow, feel the flow, instead of worry." This message is vital for getting old, according to Deepak Chopra. The corner stones or key words in life if you want to get old, and what one should build one's life around are; meaning, purpose and contribution. These three words or concepts are what to focus on throughout life for a longer and more youthful living. I really enjoyed this interview, getting a few reminders here and there...like doing more meditation (yes, again...), not worrying so much (some days I tend to worry more and some days I feel very stable, note to self; get more of those not-worrying-days) and pay attention to create the famous flow. The WSJ interview is longer and much more giving than what I´ve summarised here, so have a look for yourself here.