Exclusive interviews and stories

Lilou Macé travels the world interviewing inspirational people
After loosing her job in 2009 as Internet Marketing Director in London, Lilou Macé self-published her book "I lost my job and I liked it: 30 day Law of attraction diary of a dream job seeker". Her guests on her show includes famous inspirational authors and speakers, with an audience of 24 million viewers on  Youtube. 

The Santiago de Compostela Camino - A journey with Paulo Coelho and Monica Oien
Monica Oien is a Norwegian journalist, writer and TV presenter. A couple of years ago she did something really interesting. She not only took the soul searching journey on Santiago de Campostela Camino. She also convinced the world famous bestselling author Paulo Coelho (whom she didn´t know then) to take the trip with her. For us she tells more about this exciting journey with one of the worlds most read and beloved authors, and also gives some valuble tips and insights for those interested in this mythical and exciting trip in Spain.

The self-esteem queen Mia Törnblom
Learn more how to build your own self-esteem from Mia Törnblom, author of several books and popular motivational and self-esteem speaker.

The Fashion designer on meditation
He is a successful fashion designer who keeps himself grounded and focused by meditating reguarly.

Mind management - by Janesh Vaidya
The writer of successful novel "In the last rain" has published a new book "Ayurveda for your mind" (Ayurveda för ditt sinne in Swedish) and now tours Sweden and the US with his popular lecture "Mind Managment". Managing the mind isn´t new to most of us but Ayurveda is something many of us don´t know that much about. Who better to ask than Janesh Vaidya. We got an interview with this wise and inspiring (young!) man upon the subjects of mind, daily routines, to see the beauty and how to make our lives a little more magical.

Dreaming of another life [in the sun]
Dreaming of a place in the sun? To change your life and start over? That´s what Jessica Wehtje and her family did five years ago when relocating from Sweden to Mallorca. Here she tells us about her everyday island life. 

"Drömliv - Lycklig på riktigt" - "Dreamlife - happy for real" with Karin Nordlander
An inspiring interview with Karin Nordlander, author of the book "Drömliv - Lycklig på riktigt" (Dreamlife - Happy for real). She has made a huge career change in her life. She now has a practice, give workshops for big companies and has recently written this highly valued book. "When we loose the spiritual dimension in life, our daily life seems to be covered in a grey blanket. When you are in contact with your soul, and dare to let it guide you, you will be happy. It´s in the soul we have our real magical power and capacity". Learn more from this great woman and be inspired. Interview only in Swedish.