Mar 24, 2013

India Hicks | HOME is Hibiscus Hills

-The reason for it all, says India Hicks.
- Most of our art work on the walls is nonsense, but together it begins to make sense.
- I think the 4 year old made the bed that morning. I starch and straighten sheets to within an inch of their lives. But there is an India Hicks Island Night candle burning beside the bed which could calm me.
- Office details, including India Hicks Island Living candle, for when the power goes out. Which it does. A lot.
- India Hicks Island Living travel sized Eau de Toilette, and the nutshell library books which were mine as a child. My past and present.
- The dodgy chandelier was also inherited with the house. Would I have bought that? No, never. But somehow there is a certain charm to it. The dining table and chairs we found at a flea market in New Orleans. The pineapple is a symbol of welcome.
- We added this trellis so my mother could no longer complain about the direct sun. The oranges benefitted too.
- We let the kids decorate their own rooms. Which is why only 1 out of 5 is able to be shown!
- Our tropical Wendy House. Designed by David, loved by all.
- A view we don't often see as the main entrance is hidden round the corner.
- David designed these books cases and our fairly drunk local carpenter made them.
- Our dining table, a find from New Orleans.
- Home
- A casual supper at home...
- Our sitting room walls are a custom blue grey, sometimes more grey than blue, depending on the shifting tropical light. The ottoman is designed by my clever brother, Ashley Hicks.

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India Hick's fantastic Island Living Series "Spider Lily" for Crabtree & Evelyn

Welcome home to "Hibiscus Hill", home in the Bahamas of the ├╝ber gorgeous India Hicks and her interior designer husband David Flint Wood and children. India Hicks grew up in Britain being daughter to Lady Pamela Mountbatten and the late David Hicks, and having no less than Prince Charles as her godfather. 

- Some time ago I fell in love, with a man and the small tropical island he lived on. We bought a house, made a home and had four children. But like a little band of traveling gypsies we come and go from that island, exploring the world, where I hunt down a limited edition designer bikini, the perfect pair of sandals, a child's toy or a witty souvenir of your Bahamas vacation, says India Hicks. 

It´s totally understandable that India Hicks returns to this heaven. Since I admire her beauty and timeless style and loving the Spider Lily fragrance from her Island Living series, I was honoured when India Hicks agreed to share her photos and words of her home with you here.

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 [Photos with kind permission from India Hicks]