Mar 22, 2013

BON Weekend {Throw a party}

"An e-mail invitation is fine for casual gatherings, but consider a beautifully printed card for a special affair."

“Set the mood by replacing high-wattage bulbs in table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling fixtures with 15- or 25-watt bulbs.”

"A hit of color courtesy of fresh flowers will add punch to a neutral room and extends a warm welcome to guests. The key is identifying a color that contrasts with the decor."

"Choose a signature scented candle and burn several of them in different rooms to pump up the fragrance throughout your entire house."

"Keep the party flowing by preparing pitchers of the libation ahead of time and storing them in the refrigerator. A simple, refreshing favorite of mine is the strawberry basil margarita, ideal for sipping and filled with flavors of herbs and fruit. Here’s to spring!" And here is the RECIPE!
What makes a good cocktail party? Of course there are lots of details that come together for making a party a hit. I love a cocktail party since it´s high in energy, you can easily talk to all guests mingling around sipping cocktails in all colours or a chilled glass of Champagne. David Jimenez, vice president of visual merchandising for Hallmark cards shared his best tips for creating a juicy party on Architectural Digest, head over there if you want to read more. I love his updated strawberry margarita with basil, and he definitely has a point on the lighting setting the mood for the party. And a good invitation is crucial. It sets the expectations already in the mail box.

Have a lovely weekend!
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{Images and quotes with kind permission from Architechtural Digest}