Aug 25, 2015

Go for radiance

For the last few months I´ve been trying out and testing the newly relaunched Turnaround product range from Clinique. I remember trying "Turnaround" many years ago but I didn't think it suited me that well then, being too active for my skin. Now, 40+ and eager for radiance and a healthy glow this actually sounded perfect. First of all, the new series is nothing like its predecessor but the name according to my experience. Today the Turnaround products fit me and my skins need much better and I´m guessing there have been a lot of product development from the Clinique team on this range. Today my favourites from the Turnaround series are the more special and unique products, like Revitalising Treatment, an oil making the skin dewy and really moisturising well, before applying your regular moisturiser, or even under the foundation, if you want to look extra dewy. I also like the Revitalising lotion being used as a tonic lotion after cleansing. The Revitalising instant facial is another favourite doing its job in five minutes as a masque and at the end becomes a mild scrub. These products I have used on a frequent basis and I definitely feel they have done a good job hydrating, revitalising and getting more dewy skin. The daytime and overnight moisturisers are also good products as complements in the range, although not as unique as the earlier mentioned products. However the daytime moisturiser do have a tiny, tiny spark of glitter in it, actually looking more radiant on the skin when applied...