Jun 9, 2015

Struck by lightning shopping

Nude pink for summer (sorry for poor iPhone photo which does not do the colour justice)
Back from three days of constant fun, food, Champagne and shopping in London. About shopping, I have actually changed my shopping behaviour over the last years. Maybe it has something to do with getting older, I don´t know, but I do try not to buy things that I think I need or this is "good to have, it will come in handy later". Because that never turns out right for me. It took a while to figure it out though. Nowadays, apart from practical shopping for things that I actually do need in every day life, I only shop when I fall in love with something. There has to be this feeling. You know when you know and I enjoy it so much more. And since I´ve been practicing this for a while now, I dare to trust my gut, my intuition rarely fails me these days. So when I on the second day in London happened to set eyes on these nude pink shoes from PRADA, I just knew I was in love. Definitely too expensive and a splurge, but since I trust this "struck by lightning" new shopping gene I splurge when I have to splurge:) These are for me classics for several years to come.