Sep 9, 2015

To keep inspired

Fall inspiration from Inmotion Essentials and Monica Oien
The "miracle tree", a dear daily reminder in gold to keep me grounded. 
A few of my selected favourites from the new fall collection 2015 from Inmotion Essentials. So much to choose from...

One of my other favourites from Inmotion Essentials which can be personalised with each family members name (or whatever suits you) on the back of each plate. Available in silver and gold.
The "Courage" bracelet originally made for author Paulo Coelho, who Monica once convinced to take a really long walk with her...
I am definitely one of those obsessed with jewellery and accessories. And the ones that you can wear every day are the ones that I favour the most. I only wear jewellery with a "meaning for me", I like being reminded and I like to keep inspired. Inmotion Essentials bracelets are beautiful and all have there special messages and meanings to choose from which I like. And once again Monica has turned to nature for inspiration, and this time it´s the mountains calling. - The experiences in the mountain is an «all year emotion» - the mountain invites you through the seasons and the colours to look for inner peace. When Inmotion Essentials was born, one of my primer inspirations was the mountain. Or more precisely the feeling of a deep silence and a spiritual experience while hiking. When I was young I spent several summers in the mountains where I chased mosquitoes, fetched water from the well and picked flowers. Later in the autumn, we picked bark from trees and moss from the ground that we dyed yarn we could wave with. We brought autumn leaves home to decorate with. We brought autumn into our house. The autumn is a time for change, the trees loose their leaves to naked sculptures and suddenly they are covered up again with crispy white soft marshmallow snow. The mountain collection was designed to remind you that the nature is powerful and to pay attention to changes. Stay in the moment, because time pass by so quickly. I will challenge you to seize the moment and bring nature in, says Monica Oien of her latest collection. 

View and shop the whole collection at Inmotion Essentials