May 9, 2014

Brown for blue eyes

Clinique 8 Pan Palette 
Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in Nudes
MAC Satin Taupe

Bobbi Brown long-wear cream shadow Beach Bronze

If you want your blue eyes to "pop" and be more significant you could wear colours like orange, according to makeup pros, which I was advised many times. However having tried this, I´m leaning more to brown colours for my blue eyes since they are more easy to wear than orange. The brown colour, and preferably with a hint of gold, bronze or glitter, goes with every eye colour and especially blue eyes I´ve also been told. These are some of my favourites in the brown eyeshadow department. One of the classics in this case is MAC's Satin Taupe, raved all over the Internet for being a perfect colour for blue eyes. Another favourite for me is Bobbi Browns long colour cream eyeshadows in Beach bronze. And the best palettes this season come from Clinique and Clarins, allowing you to blend and build up the colour exactly like you prefer it.