May 10, 2014

It´s a yoga weekend

It´s the weekend! What are you up to? I am doing something out of the ordinary spending three days at a yoga camp with hundreds of participants taking different classes. This is one of the biggest yoga and wellness fairs in Scandinavia and I was invited through my work. I am taking the time to have a relaxing weekend focusing on yoga, wellness, inspiration, people, meetings and good healthy food. Maybe I will add a facial masque during night to prep the face as well...Christy Turlington is one of the most naturally beautiful women (married to handsome talented actor/director Ed Burns) and not only is she doing a fantastic job with her Every Mother counts organisation making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother in all corners of the world, she also is an avid yoga practitioners. A great source of inspiration in many ways. This weekend is all about exercise, healthy living and inner beauty, which is very convenient since next weekend will be all about outer beauty in terms of culture, shopping, food & wine and big city pulse. Love the contrasts in life.