Sep 2, 2013

The Monday Pep Talk | Blueprints to success [from those who got it right]

Jane Birkin - a success of her own
The Huffington Post, recently wrote about how to tap into your innate 
greatness, by simply following in the footsteps from the people who 
already got it right. According to Huffington Post these are the fool proof 
blueprints guiding you to success...

1. Focus On The Process, Not The Result
2. Pay Attention - To The Right Things
3. Put In What You Want Out - 
And Maybe Put In A Little Bit More
4. Play Your Strengths. Don't Feel Ashamed Of Your Weaknesses
5. Gratitude Is A Necessity
6. Remember: Instinct Is Not Synonymous With Impulse
7. Happiness Takes Work
8. Simplicity Is Key
9. You Can't, And You Shouldn't, Please Everyone
10. Have Faith. Lots Of It 
11. Passion. It's All About Passion

I think all these rules sounds very reasonable. Now just put them into work...
Read the whole article here. (And have a great Monday!)