Sep 3, 2013

A great hang-out spot [MARBELLA]

Coming to Marbella every summer for over 15 years makes you explore further and finding your own favourite spots. This is something we love to do while there. Since having children, this hotel has become a perfect visit for the whole family. The gorgeous Kempinski Bahía hotel is located in Estepona a few miles along the coast from Puerto Banús. We had a fantastic day there the other week. We rent sun beds over  the day, enjoy the many pools and always have a long lunch in the restaurant. It´s the perfect place to spend a whole day at, since there´s a lot to explore.  

Of course you can have a drink while in the pool...

If you prefer you can have a sun bed on the private beach

Kids love swimming to the waterfall...
There´s soo much to explore in the huge garden when you´re very young like our little one
That is actually my brother-in-law in sunglasses taking a swim (caught in the act escaping from all the children for  just a little moment of pool serenity:) 

The pool café

Sometimes you´ve just got to stretch you legs during lunch and try to move the art...

[All photos by IOB but #15 from the restaurant interior which is from]