Aug 30, 2013

A beauty collaboration with a good purpose

Lauren Bush Lauren with husband David Lauren (as in Ralph Lauren's son) 
American socialite and it-girl Lauren Bush Lauren started working for U.N's World Food Programme in 2005. She then designed the now almost fashion iconic cotton tote marked FEED, loved by many celebrities and raising money for children's school lunches.

Latest edition of Town & Country with cover girls and friends Claire Courtin-Clarins and Lauren Bush Lauren

In September Lauren Bush Lauren is teaming up with CLARINS taking the FEED project to the beauty world with the motto "Feed you skin, feed your soul." Each buy of the beauty bag will provide for ten school meals for children in need. So far the FEED project has donated over 60 million school meals all over the world through the World Food Programme. As a mother and beauty lover, this is a win-win for me. If you´re interested knowing more about the energetic and beautiful Lauren Bush Lauren she says to Equinox:

About what´s always in her carry-on bag A good lip balm. Bobbi Brown makes a great really simple and protective one. And a Clarins moisturizer.
What relaxes her A bath. I like to light candles.
Best insider tip Makeup artists and skincare companies I've worked with have all told me it's more about the health of your skin than what you do to cover it up that counts. That really resonated with me.
Message she’d like to send to the world "Be the change you want to see in the world."

And do not miss to read the whole article in Town & Country where Lauren Bush Lauren is interviewed together with her CLARINS partner Claire Courtin-Clarins about their great plan to end world hunger. 
[Image 1 from Pinterest via agirlnamedbong 2 Pinterest no source 3 Town & Country 4 Press image from Clarins]