Jun 17, 2013

The secret HERMÈS garden

Did you know there is a secret garden, 'Jardin sur le toit’ for employes only. This beautiful garden is located on the roof of the HERMÈS  flagship store on Rue 24 rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. See more photos from the HERMÈS garden on the lovely blog You May Be Wandering.

[Photos via youmaybewandering.com, original source HERMÈS Pinterest. Photographer Quentin Bertoux]


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Caroline!!! I would love to see this garden - maybe I will have to move to Paris, get a job at Hermes and then I could take my lunch breaks there...A girl can dream!!

    Have a lovely day!!

    1. I really like your blog Sandy so I´m happy to recommend it! Let´s have lunch some day at that roof top:) Caroline

    2. That is so sweet...and it's a date - we just have to figure out how to sneak in there!!

  2. I watched a documentary about this garden a few years ago. Would be a dream to visit and spend a few hours there... If only... x

  3. The secret garden's not open to all employees all the time. Only the top brass or members of the family can access it whenever they please. For the rest, a special pass is needed which is rarely granted unless a special occasion permits.

    It was indeed beautiful up there :)

    MsMadge x