Jun 18, 2013


You never get tired of the Amalfi view
Nights are magical, especially at hotel Le Sirenuse 
Several years ago my husband and I spent three weeks on the Amalfi coast in Italy. That was some amazing weeks with so much to explore. Ever since I have wanting to go back to Amalfi.

There is a specific light
Typical Italian room with the tile on the floor at Le Sirenuse

The typical "Amalfi coast decorated" restaurant

Looks like a fairytale...

We stayed in fantastic Sorrento which is a larger city on the Amalfi coast. During days we went on excursions on the coast. One day we went to the smaller village of Positano, a place that stays with you. One of Positanos best hotels is Le Sirenuse. Overlooking the bay with a location 70 meter above the sea you can´t go wrong with the view. "An unbeatable oasis of peace and silence, with a breathtaking view" as the hotel itself says. Le Sirenuse goes right to my "hotels-I-just-have-to-stay-at-list"...

[Press photos via LHW]


  1. Totally agree with you :-) I actually much prefer the Italian Riviera to the French Riviera. For me it's more chic and beautiful.

  2. On my wishlist...I would love love love to go!

    Before we moved to the States, we spend several weeks every summer in France and frequently visited Italy. I miss it!


  3. wow! Gorgeous! Add to the never ending list!

  4. It looks so incredible! My husband and I are going to the Amalfi coast this september for a wedding I'm so excited! Not for three weeks though....that will have to be next time!

  5. Le Sirenuse is currently #1 on my bucket list!!! I am dying to stay there and also spend time exploring the entire Amalfi coast.


  6. You and I have some of the same favorite spots on our travel list. I adore Italy and the Italian Riviera but have yet to make it to the Amalfi coast. What a fabulous trip you had with your husband. Lovely images!
    xx, Heather