Jun 14, 2013

Pilates gurus started their own "Pilates Netflix"

Stella Magazine Photo: Ina Damli
If there is anyone who could motivate me doing Pilates, it is my beautiful Norwegian friend Monica Øien and her business partner Rikke Schillinger. The business duo recently took their Pilates expertise online and made it available for everybody to do at home at Webtrening.no. This is really great, and as much as I like to go to the gym I found out that I love to do some training at the convenience of my home.

My favourite is to take a run for 20 minutes and then do some Pilates programs with these ladies on my iPad in the living room. They are really supportive, professional and you don´t feel alone at all. This is like Netflix for your body. There are hundreds of programs to choose from divided into different categories, and it doesn't make it less appealing that the programs are called "Beach legs", "The fabulous five" and "Beach ready in six weeks". (I can also add that Monica is one of the most well-trained people that I know...) - Do your morning cardio on an empty stomach, its the best fat burner ever...it´s a bit hard in the beginning, but you will see amazing results a long with our fitness, says Monica Øien. There are also courses in mindfulness and stress available. And yes, the programs are in Norwegian, but Pilates is most definitely a universal language, so there´s no excuses for that...

79 NKR per month
No binding period
Take as many classes as you want
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