Dec 27, 2012

Fancy some skiing?

After the lazy holidays...wouldn´t it be dreamy to go to Aspen, Colorado for some skiing? 
This gorgeous chalet owned by a New York couple is featured in the January issue of Architechtural Digest. “The husband is a true modernist, so he would have lost his mind in a log cabin. And she’s a bit more traditional, so the idea of traveling all the way from New York to Colorado just to be in a minimalist white box wasn’t going to fly,” Sofield (the architecht) explains. “The strength of this house lies in the tension between their aesthetics.” This is a real homey home with specacular view over the Aspen mountain. I could dream myself away in that livingroom for hours. And I can´t wait to put on the skiis:)

{Images with permission from Architechtural Digest
 Scott Frances}