Dec 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope you´re having wonderful Christmas days with family and friends. Me and my family are spending a very white and snowy Christmas at my sisters house outside Stockholm with her husband and their three children, and joining us are also our parents. This years' celebrations starts in the afternoon on Christmas eve by going to the local church listening to Christmas songs. The husbands stays at home with the youngest children preparing the food (great set up:). Church is followed by our all-time favourite, Champagne and blinis with löjrom (vendace roe), before digging into the big typical Swedish Christmas buffet that goes on for hours...after that, Christmas presents opening. Big thing. Mostly for the kids though. During presents opening me and my brother-in-law always eat a lot of marcipan. Which is weird every year since eating so much during dinner...but after all, it´s Christmas. 

Wishing you the best Christmas, 
with a lot of love.