Dec 28, 2012

EXPERT TIPS - How to care for winter hair

Most of us are affected by the cold and dry winter climate. Have you noticed that your hair is as well? I definitely need to pay extra TLC to my hair during the winter months. Here are some  helpful advices that sounds great from one of the leading UK experts on hair; Philip Kinsley, as told to Harpers Bazaar UK. Although I have to admit I don´t shampoo my hair daily as he mentions more than one time, maybe I must reconsider that...

Why is our hair so much harder to manage in the winter months?
I call it the ‘winter woes’, I have no doubt that it's the worst season for hair, not least because it tends to be the most stressful time of year and this can affect hair behaviour and cause scalp flaking and itching. Cold weather can also lead to drier, frizzier hair due to constant changes in temperature between central heating and back into inclement weather.

What is your essential tip for helping fend off these ‘winter woes’ and keeping hair healthy?
Winter hair seems to take on the characteristics of older hair: dry and brittle. Therefore, diet is an important factor. Even though salad and fruits may not seem appealing in cold weather, their nutrients are still essential for hair.

What is the best pre-party trick for reviving dull, lacklustre hair and getting the shine back?
If your hair looks good you feel good...and the reverse is true. Hair is deeply psychological and can affect our moods and morale. The first tip to get fabulous shiny hair is simple: shampoo and condition daily.

Is there any other way you would suggest boosting your hair's natural volume?
A volumising shampoo is key. Build on this with more volumising products for a full bodied look. But, remember, the cleaner the hair the better for your type of hair. So shampoo daily.

How can we make that glossy, lightweight post-haircut feeling last for longer?
The best way to maintain glossy hair for longer is to shampoo and condition every morning with the appropriate products for your hair type. Blot the moisture off with a towel and apply a leave-in conditioning, styling, shine product and gently blow dry straight (as straight hair shines more).

And on the same token, how can we make our hair colour last longer?
Choose premium hair products which claim that to keep colour looking fresh. It is also important to condition after every shampoo. The sun also makes hair colour fade so I would always advise keeping your hair protected every day.

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