Dec 13, 2012

5 Ways to boost your mind and thoughts and get a fab start

Most of us don´t get enough sleep. I am definitely one of them. I need something to hold on to in the morning. And not just coffee (although this being a big thing in our house in the mornings...) Constant lack of sleep led me to think about how to create good mornings, despite being tired. According to the lovely Australian blog Bellamumma this is how to boost our mind and thoughts in the morning. And remember, life is passing with all those bad mornings, so better make them as good as possible.
1. Make your first thought a good one
Awareness is critical for change. The minute you become aware you're thinking unsupportive thoughts, you have the opportunity to change. Thank your bed for a good night's sleep when you wake up. 

2. Create positive morning rituals
The energy we put out into the world absolutely affects our state of mind and quality of life.By ruminating about problems as you get ready for your day, you are only giving them more power. Take note of your inner commentary amid the morning rituals. Be thankful that you have clean hot water for your morning shower and appreciate that you are able to create a healthy breakfast. 

3. Make friends with the mirror
Use your mirror experiences as an invitation to become your best friend. Write a list of affirming phrases that could work for you such as "I love you" or "You're looking great." Take every chance to look into a mirror and say something loving to yourself. It may feel awkward at first. It gets easier and more sincere over time. 

4. Send out a smile
Get in the habit of acknowledging everyone and everything with a smile. Your experience of being at work will change for the better. Smile at your co-workers, your boss, your desk and your computer. Keep smiling. When your thinking gets upgraded, you send a different vibration out into the world and your world reflects better outcomes and better interactions back at you. 

5. Embrace affirmations 
Write them on sticky notes and post them on your computer screen, fridge, bedhead, mirrors and toilet door. Write down the positive messages you would like to see through your day. These could be: "Only good lies before me", "I am healthy and happy" and "My mind is calm." It is important to know that it is affirmations plus action that creates real change in our lives. Use affirmations by letting them generate the right energy around you, then take the right action to make changes in your life.