Dec 12, 2012

A Grand new Deli

A couple of days ago me and my sister in law met up in my old University town Lund. It´s still the most amazing town, and just going back there is really a trip down the memory lane every time, as it is for most ex students anywhere. Anyway, since graduating from University a lot has happend in the town. For example, the lovely Grand Hotel has opened up the beautiful take-out store Grand Deli, offering many of its specialities to go home with you as long as handpicked suppliers of special food. I swear, that salmiakkola (that is liquorice fudge) from is the best I´ve ever tasted. Ever. If you have the chance to pick it up, do it!

{Images by myself:}


  1. Åh vilken fin deli. Älskar sådana där affärer. Det var länge sedan jag var i Lund, men jag har planerat ett besök till våren. DÅ vet jag precis vart jag ska gå

  2. Guuud vad fint det ser ut! Jag är alldeles för sällan i Lund. Men visst blir man så nostalgisk, 4 år i stan sätter sina spår.

  3. This looks really yuummy!!!

  4. Yummo!! What a great shop!
    Stop By for the Give Away!
    xo Karolyn
    The Relished Roost

  5. oooooh what a yummy place to indulge! xO!