Dec 14, 2012

5 Party dressing rules - according to Victoria Beckham

It's the party season. Who better to give us tips on how to dress for a party than the glamorous designer Victoria Beckham. As told to Victoria Beckham suggests the following rules for successful party dressing. I can only agree. Except for rule # 4. My motto, and maybe it has to do with me being an ordinary person and no celebrity, is; when in doubt, overdress.

1 Go for a simple day look that can easily be dressed up for the evening

"If you´re going from the office straight to a funtion, switch up your look with a small clutch, a beautiful gold cuff and a pair of heels" says Victoria Beckham.

Don´t underestimate the power of a striking bag

“For evening these should be small and carried as a clutch, but large enough for a lip gloss and phone. 

3  Wear show-stopping party heals

"I never tire of a chic pointed pump. They make every outfit look great and alos enhance the leg. They´re perfect because of how comfortable they are."

4 It´s better to be underdressed than over

"If I´m not sure what the dress code is I opt to be a little more casual. It´s easier to be underdressed and then carry yourself with confidence."

Go all in for glamour sometimes

"For a formal function I often wear one of my signature dresses as they´re appropriate for black tie.
I feel confident as they look good from every angle - always an important factor for evening events."

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  1. Jag skriver under på alla fem punkterna. Jag är nog hellre lite underdressed än overdressed. Sedan manifesterar jag min outfit med snordyra accessoarer istället. Önskar att jag kunde gå i klackar. Jag har övat, men nej det går inte. För sabbade fötter. Ha en kanonhelg. Ska ni göra något särskilt roligt?

  2. I agree with her rules including the no. 4 :) I sort of like keeping everything simple (but never - when it comes to shoes :) )

  3. These are great little rules and I do like Victoria Beckham's grey dress - simple and elegant.

  4. Love her and love these rules! xo

  5. It really caught my attention rule #4. I never thought about it, actually, but it makes a lot of sense. As for the rest, they are so spot-on. Muah! Have an awesome weekend darling! xoxo

  6. Dom tipsen är ju A & O ... tänk att alltid vara så välklädd som fru Beckham... Nee jag är nog allt och inget :-D !!!

  7. So agreed with these rules:) Kisses! xo