Nov 14, 2012


Love this hair colour. It has the exact
right tone with caramel, honey and
visible nuances and highlights.
This is a great colour that is a
mix of cold and warm stripes
Love this shiny toffee colour,
have never really succeeded getting this though,
she must have the best hairdresser...
Tomorrow I´m going to the hairdresser for new highlights. Since I´m a very picky customer when it comes to highlights and colour, I always bring photos of the exact hair colour that I want. It is much easier to show a photo than to describe a colour with words. What is a warm colour to me could actually be a cold colour to a professional etc. I´m no risk taker when it comes to hair. These three photos are gorgeous for the season and sort of summarize the colour that I´m going for, although I already know that my hairdresser will tell me 1) "You know you will NOT look like Elle/SJP/Jennifer" (hello, of course I know, I just want their hair, that hair exactly...) 2) "You know these colours are all different from eachother, which one do you actually want?" 3) "These photos are taken with flash meaning the person in the photo is actually much darker in real life" (I know, and I want it exactly like on the photo here...) As  you can tell, I am not the easiest customer. But hair is important. It´s the one thing you carry with you every day. Which one of these is your favourite hair colour and do you also bring photos with you to the hairdresser...?
{All photos saved on my iPad a while ago without source. Please let me know and I will immediately remove the photo or be happy to credit the source/photographer if the photo belongs to you}


  1. Jag har aldrig färgat eller slingat håret. Aldrig!
    Men jag har fått gliringar från min frisör att jag borde ljusa upp det. Håret har blivit så mycket mörkare efter varje graviditet.
    Jag är inte så förtjust i SJP's färg. Jennifer ser smashing ut. Men jag har en känsla av att hon har mer bronzad hudton än vad jag har. Jag skulle nog välja Elles färg. Hon är visserligen också lätt bronzad, men den är ljusare och skulle nog passa mig bättre.
    Jag tar nästan alltid med bild på frisyrer. Självklart. Ofta kan jag inte förklara hur jag vill ha det. Berätta om du blev nöjd och vilken färg du valde

    1. Jag har också blivit mörkare med varje graviditet, egentligen vill jag ju vara lika blond som CBK, men det går tyvärr inte (fast hon var ju egentligen nästan lika mörk som jag ursprungligen...)Jag vill också helst ha Elles färg, tar med iPaden och visar frisören (tror inte hon läser bloggen haha) kram och tack för dina alltid lika roliga och underhållande kommentarer!

  2. Oh, trips to the hair salon is always a bit of a pain for me. I am so particular about my hair and the way it's cut (and I am not even talking colour here) that I bring a ton of photos with me.
    Love Elle's and Jennifer's hair the most. Just looks so natural!
    Hope it all goes well for you and you get the results you want. x

  3. Haha, thank you, this made me feel so much better! xo

  4. SJP!! Always!!! Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see the result! Love H

  5. Goooood luck!! Can't wait to see the results!!

  6. funny is that!! I think I brought the very same pic of Jennifer A to my hairdresser ;)

    Anyway, I know exactly what you mean. I am picky too. I want it to look natural but yet with that touch, that special glow and combination of a couple of colors.

    Would love to see a piece of your hair tomorrow ;)


  7. So funny I just got my roots done yesterday after delaying it for 2 weeks due to power outage, I was feeling a need for lift as well! Will be going back in two weeks for highlight, and I just love all the ones you picked! I especially love Sarah Parkers gold and taupe tresses!!
    you should post yours when done!

  8. Jag tror du skulle passa i Jennifers vackra slingor! Du måste berätta vad det blev sen... Jag tar inte med mig bilder till frisören men det kanske man skulle börja med nu, efter att ha läst det här inlägget! :-) Kramar Helena

  9. Haha, I guess it is that time of the year. I am going tomorrow for my first highlights with a French hairdresser. Scared to death they will not be good with blondes. I sooo will bring the iPad with these pics ;-)
    Otherwise, I still recommend "Bergdorf blondes" by Plum Sykes for the complete knowledge update on perfect highlights and other very important stuff...
    HUGS from France

    1. Oh I love Bergdorf Blondes, it´s a LOL book. I love that she calls CBK's impossible blond colour for Society Blonde. That is way too blonde for me, unfortunately...Hope you get satisfied with the French hairdresser! love C

  10. Good luck Caroline. Going for highlights is always a big moment ! I need to get mine done again soon.

    Thank you so much for my award by the way too.