Nov 15, 2012

A favourite beauty trick to do at home

One of my favourite beauty tricks is something that I picked up from InStyle Magazine a couple of years ago. It´s about massaging your moisturizer into your skin, not just dabbing it on. If done in the morning, before applying foundation, I promise you´ll look more rested and dewy in the skin. As you know, I´m a mother of three, so this is unfortunately not something that I do every morning...But, I do swear by it and try to do it up and then.

When Refinery29 asked some models about their best skin secret, almost everyone said "facial massage". Diane Nakauchi, CEO of Japanese beauty brand Koh Gen Do and a registered nurse licensed in facial massage says; "Facial massage in Japan came from the ancient, traditional anma, which literally means 'to press and stroke." According to Nakauchi, facial massage improves the overall health of the skin, increases the lymph and blood flow, and removes toxins and dead skin cells. "The numerous benefits associated with facial massage include increased facial muscle tone; wrinkle reduction; a brighter, more even complexion; reduction of fluids and puffiness; softer skin and increased skin cell renewal. This all adds up to the GLOW !" That´s pretty much what I mean. Go to Refinery29 for a great how-to-guide. Try it out at home for yourself. And if you don´t have the time for a whole massage, just start by massaging the moisturizer, it´s a great start.

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  1. I do it quite often - I wrote about a book on Japanese beauty rituals a while ago, one of the tips was about massage.

    Here's a link to the post in case you want to have a look


  2. Sounds like a great tip! Thanks for sharing darling! Muah!

  3. Tack för tipset!! Måste jag absolut prova!
    Bor du i NY??
    HA en jätte fin kväll!

  4. Ikväll blir det ansiktsmassage.

  5. Åh, tack för det tipset :)!
    Ha det toppen! Kram Jennifer

  6. Tack för tipset. Låter som något för mig

  7. Something I should try as well....AND it reminds me: it is time for my facial. It has been too long.

    Thanks as always for great a tip! xx

  8. if i could look as good as her, i'd start this second!!! ;) xO!

  9. Thanks for sharing the tip :)


  10. Bra tips:) jag och min kille brukar en gång i veckan göra ansiktsmassage på varandra..helt underbart OCH gratis haha:)

    ha en kanonhelg och hälsa på snart igen:)

    LOVE M