Nov 14, 2012


Love this hair colour. It has the exact
right tone with caramel, honey and
visible nuances and highlights.
This is a great colour that is a
mix of cold and warm stripes
Love this shiny toffee colour,
have never really succeeded getting this though,
she must have the best hairdresser...
Tomorrow I´m going to the hairdresser for new highlights. Since I´m a very picky customer when it comes to highlights and colour, I always bring photos of the exact hair colour that I want. It is much easier to show a photo than to describe a colour with words. What is a warm colour to me could actually be a cold colour to a professional etc. I´m no risk taker when it comes to hair. These three photos are gorgeous for the season and sort of summarize the colour that I´m going for, although I already know that my hairdresser will tell me 1) "You know you will NOT look like Elle/SJP/Jennifer" (hello, of course I know, I just want their hair, that hair exactly...) 2) "You know these colours are all different from eachother, which one do you actually want?" 3) "These photos are taken with flash meaning the person in the photo is actually much darker in real life" (I know, and I want it exactly like on the photo here...) As  you can tell, I am not the easiest customer. But hair is important. It´s the one thing you carry with you every day. Which one of these is your favourite hair colour and do you also bring photos with you to the hairdresser...?
{All photos saved on my iPad a while ago without source. Please let me know and I will immediately remove the photo or be happy to credit the source/photographer if the photo belongs to you}