Nov 16, 2012

BON Weekend!



It´s the weekend! I hope you have nice plans, or no plans at all, that is also nice actually. We are having one of my husband's brothers with wife and son over for the weekend, so our weekend is going to circle a lot around talking, preparing food, wine, eating food, drinking more wine and talk late in the evening. My husband has four amazing brothers, with just as amazing wives, so I am very fortunate in that way and that we really like spending time together. If you have time over this weekend and nothing better to do, watch the documentary about "Tom Ford; Inside the creative mind", produced by Oprah's OWN channel. If you´re into fashion but also like to hear more about the creative process and the life and purpose of the über talented Tom Ford you are going to like this. Head over to Natalias fabulous blog Fashioned by Love where you can view the documentary.
Have the best weekend
and see you Sunday!

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  1. Ha en härlig helg & njut!!
    Tack för en ljuvlig blogg!!
    Hoppas att håret blev bra
    Varma hälsningar

  2. Have a wonderful weekend, darling and thank you for much for featuring the link to my blog - means a lot!


  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead!! I love all the family entertaining. You ARE fortunate to have such a large group. Enjoy! {I like the midnight snack box:}

  4. Det programmet lät intressant det vill jag gärna se. Hoppas du får en härlig helg! Kram Nilla

  5. Great tip! Tom's bok is on my wish list.

    I always wanted a big family - it sounds so lovely!

    Enjoy and have a fab weekend xx

  6. hope you have a great one with tons of r and r! xO!

  7. Ooooh! Tack för dokumentärstipset! Skall genast ses!
    Låter som en mysig helg. Sjävl har jag varit nere hos min syster vid kusten från igår till idag. Myst med syskonbarnen och ett eller två glas vin slank också ner. Kram

  8. I hope you hare having an amazing weekend. I am unfortunately sick and have spent all day cuddled up under blankets on the sofa watching Christmas movies and napping.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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