Nov 21, 2012

12 Ways to look younger with makeup

I´ve found a list, and I had to share it, since it promises to deliver how to look younger with makeup. As a beauty junkie, and also being all for natural beauty trying my best to keep it up with just makeup and skincare, I couldn´t ignore these tips from the beauty pros at Allure Magazine (where you can read the whole list, I edited this one). Read the professional comment from Allure, and then (in italic) I added my personal comment for a perspective from an ordinary beauty junkie being 40:). I´d love to hear your thoughts on this one and if you have any other tricks!

1. Moisturize
Well of course, nobody can get away without moisturizer.
IOB: But remember to massage it in thoroughly, as I recently wrote about here:)

2. Choose a liquid concealer
"As you age, you have more to conceal, but concealer can draw attention to lines and crepiness. You want a product that hides redness and circles without getting cakey, and that means you want a liquid cover-up in a click pen."
My favourite, which is also hydrating and illuminating, is Estée Lauder Ideal Light Brush On Illuminator.

3. Buy a yellow(ish) foundation
"Yellow warms up the skin," says makeup artist Sandy Linter. "And the warmer your skin looks, the younger it looks".
Try the new YSL Touche Eclat Teinted foundation - it´s haussed by beauty editors for a reason. 

4. Keep piling on the moisture
"Nothing, nothing, nothing makes you look older than heavy powder formulas. Makeup artists recommend stocking your bag with creams, gels, liquids, and products that generally don't require the use of a brush. "The more hydrated your skin, the younger it looks," says makeup artist Birgitte Reiss-­Andersen.
Loving the Breezy Cheeks creme blush from UNE in colour Blush Grand Air for that dewy, pink girlie glow on the cheeks.

5. Tweeze, but only if you absolutely must
"If you tweeze at all, just clean up the most obvious errant hairs. If you need more shaping than that, go to a pro."
Don´t tweeze too much at once. Get used to the look before going further. It may never grow back... 

6. Curl your lashes
"If you're over 35, you need to be curling your lashes," says Reiss-Andersen. "Eyelashes flatten as you age, and you need to keep everything going upward, against gravity. Even if you skip mascara, curling your lashes makes your eyes look bigger and brighter."
Try the award winning curler from Shu Uemura. "They sell themselves" as the sales representative told me in Harvey Nichols a few years ago. I still use mine daily though I often think to myself, I wonder if this is bad for my eyelashes, but the impact of curling them is bigger, so I end up doing it every day...

7. Apply eyeshadow base
"Patting the tiniest dab of eye-shadow base or primer on the lids before your shadow will keep it in place," says Linter. "This is especially important if your lids have even the slightest wrinkles. Fine lines can exacerbate creasing, and creasing exacerbates the appearance of lines."
I totally swear by a primer, at least for parties and long nights but also for long days in front of the computer. My best tip is the award winning Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion. It does the trick. Google it for reviews, it´s the best. 

8. Wear brown eyeliner
 "Deep brown has the impact of black, but looks less jarring," says Reiss-Andersen. "It gives you all the intensity, but in a more sophisticated, subtle way." 
I saw a photo of myself with a lot of black eyeliner and could actually see that it made me look a bit older and wasn´t flattering. I switched to brown colours...

9. Don´t shy away from shimmer
"A bit of soft shimmer is flattering as you get older because it brings light to the face," 
Bobbi Brown does the best. Try Longwear cream shadow in colours with some shimmer like Stone or Sandy gold.

10. Choose a lengthening mascara
"Lashes get thinner as you age, so conventional wisdom says you need a thickening mascara to bulk them up, but common wisdom is wrong. Your lashes can't support the extra weight, Heavy formulas flatten the lashes."
This was actually new to me. Allure recommend to try Lancome Définicils High Definition Mascara.

11. Switch to nude lips
"As we age, our lips get smaller, especially the upper lip. The best approach is to stick to shades that enhance your natural lip tone, rather than bringing attention to the area. Look for something between your natural lip color and a berry shade, that will just boost your natural tone. And go for a stain instead of a creamy lipstick to prevent the color from bleeding." 
I wouldn´t do fully nude lips, but totally agree on the berry shades. Couldn´t be more flattering, and I love a stain that stays on. The best lip colour that actually do stay on the whole day is Max Factor Lip Finity, who does some nice berry and nude colours. 

12. Try highlighter and show off your bone structure
"Dab a very sheer formula just on the cheekbones, it adds a very subtle, youthful, and pretty dimension to your features."
Try Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, it´s super easy to apply. 

Have a beautiful 

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  1. Great tips! Love this post!

  2. Perfekt, jag noterar ;-)
    Själv köpte jag en sån där Eyelash-förlängning som heter Neulash. Den var dyr, men så värd sitt pris! Ögonfransarna blir verkligen längre, som de brukade vara.... Love it!

  3. Great tips:) I always use brown eyeliner,I find black is very harsh!

  4. Missa inte Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB-cream. Den är helt fantastisk! Otroligt vad en kräm kan göra med en 35-årings hy- som ny och minus många år! :-) Kram Helena

  5. KANONTIPS Caroline:)jag rekommenderar en suverän highlighter från Lancome vid namn Lancome - Éclat Miracle ITS THE BEST:)

    ha en fin dag

    LOVE M

  6. I never knew the yellow'ish foundation rule! Leant something new today - thank you! xxx

  7. 1) Jag har provat att massera in min fuktkräm och jag blir härligt rosig. Huden ser frisk och fräsch och yngre ut. Jag har reagerat på Estee Lauders ögonkräm, så jag vågar inte prova advanced repair som du lovordar. Jag har Clarins och Biotherms skinvivo som jag gillar just nu

    2)Concealer funkar inte på mig. Trust me. Jag har provat alla. Senast fick jag tips om Laura Merciers orangea. Funkar inte konstaterade på Cow-personalen och jag. Istället satsade jag på en highlighter under själva mörka ringen. Sedan är tanken att jag ska köra med mersiers undercover pot, men jag tycker jag ser rynkig ut

    3)Kör Mercier och Estee Lauder foundation. Lätta varianter. Mot det gula för att dämpa min lite rosa hudton. Gillar dem skarpt båda två

    4)Puder no no. Fick visserligen puder med i Merciers undecover pot, men det är sådan liten dosa och bökigt att använda. Men det är transparent och till för att fästa. Funkade bra när jag blev sminkad på Cow.

    5 + 6)Inget jag ägnar mig åt

    7)Fick ögonprimer rekommenderat i NY och jag är såååå tacksam för det. Köpte Mac som är ok. Vill prova Merciers som många säger är super. Men nu blev jag nyfiken på Urban. Jag har ögonskugga nästan varje dag, så det är ett måste

    8)Älskar min Chanel penna. Den är svart. Mjuk. Penna som man liksom snurrar upp. Älskar den. Bruna pennor som funkar på mig är svårt att hitta för många är för röda. Jag måste ha charcoal. Gråbrun isådanafall. Tipsa mig gärna om du vet något

    9)Använder ej shimmer

    10)Kör oftast lancomemascaron. Vill ej ha tjocka fylliga utan naturliga långa separerade. Nu har jag en estee lauder som sitter bra när jag tränar och är lätt att måla med

    11)Alltid rött. Om jag har något.

    Långt svar. Men du bad om det :)

  8. Hmm good points but brown eyeliner has zero impact on My eyes. It's like i never put it there. Of course liquid concealer! Nude lip makes me look sick. I like to have some kind of colour. Another outside the box tip is to play around more With glitter eye shadow in à fun coluor. That takes away the seriousness of it all. An old lady would never wear thet.
    i personelly think make up should be fun and something that you can experiment With depending on Mood and style.
    Loving your blog as always!

  9. Soo good! I needed some advice in this direction today ;)

    I agree with Strawberry any rate make up should be fun and make you feel better. I thought about botox today...what is your thoughts on that?

    Love to share these topics with you!


    1. Such a good question Lotta about Botox. First, I believe everybody does exactly what they feel is right for them. I have several friends using Botox, and being very happy with it. Me, I wouldn't dare to! I'm too scared to use it, and being 40 of course I could use some, but I still consider myself pretty young in that aspect. Maybe in another ten years or so. Until then I rely on serums and good skincare and makeup. I have also seen a couple of friends that I don't think look good doing things like Botox to their face. Looks weird sometimes...
      xo Caroline

  10. Fina och bra tips! Och jag håller med - Shu Uemuras eyelash curler rocks!! Kram