Nov 20, 2012

It was a weekend of friends and laughter

The Lodge's entrance

Beautiful exteriors all in grey and white

Details everywhere

The rooms are located in varios smaller buildings
connected via footbridges...

...or in the main building.

Love Airon Deck chairs.

The big veranda.

The big eating at the tea and scones buffet...

...with the typical delicious sweets, we tried them all.

The breathtaking surroundings whereever you look.

The view from the outside hot tub...tranquillity.

Since I am lucky to have many readers from many different countries I figured it could be nice to show a Swedish weekend hotel. Welcome to The Lodge, located in Sk√•ne in the south of Sweden. The Lodge is a pittoresque hotel, in New England style, known for its utterly gorgeous surroundings and great food. I can only agree. As I told you before, me and four girlfriends checked in here for a weekend of laughter, friendship quality time and just to relax. We´re all mothers so the ultimate luxury for us were to indulge in an Irish Coffee at the veranda, in the unexpected gorgeous sunshine, not being interrupted when talking actually finishing the sentences, head down to the spa and its outside hot tub, eat enormous amounts of scones and drink our own brought Champagne in the room in plastic glasses before the four course dinner  (the Champagne cooled very well in the zink for hours, you can never be to old for that:). All in all, a fantastic weekend with fantastic friends. Soon, the same friends are checking in at a fabulous hotel in Stockholm for a bussy city weekend and a 40th celebration...Stay tuned!

{All photos by myself}