Nov 22, 2012

Can we also have a day of appreciation and thanksgiving?

Tory Burch's Thanksgiving table setting from

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is actually not a traditional holiday in Sweden, but if there is any American holiday I think we should take inspiration from it is this one. And I am not talking about any religious Thanksgiving, only a simple holiday of gratitude and appreciation. A day to stop the clock for a while, sit back and actually feel thankful for life and the people we have in it. To remind ourselves what we appreciate in our lives and ask what can we change if not? And eat a lot of good food to that. Last year this time my husband and I threw a Swedish Thanksgiving dinner party for 18 close friends, my husband giving a (totally unpretentious) speech (he loooves it:) about friendship and the importance of having fun, which we really had that night. I can highly recommend for anyone to arrange Thanksgiving dinner and make it your own tradition. Anything goes!

A favourite designer is Tory Burch, who says about Thanksgiving on her own blog:
"The day revolves around our whole family gathering for a big family meal. It’s the kind of chaos I love — a lot of talking, laughing and eating. We’re at the table for hours, so it has to be something we feel comfortable around. And since I’m not a big cook, I’m happy to take over d├ęcor duty. I like a lot of tea lights and use my favorite pieces, like monogrammed linens I’ve had for a while and Imari vases filled with fresh flowers and berries (keeping the arrangement low so we can see each other across the table). I mix up fall oranges and purples with a little hot pink."

Have a wonderful day!
for all you readers,
you make my day,
every day.

{The photo shows Tory Burch's Thanksgiving table setting and I lent it from}