Sep 19, 2012

Some kind of gratitude journal in Twitter style...

...meaning todays' inner & outer beauty in one sentence.

Being a lover and dreamer of all things beautiful in life, this is something I try to do as a routine for myself. It is quick with no big pressure, since limited to one (sometimes long) sentence, meaning I do have the time. It´s just meant to be a great reminder of what to be grateful for and appreciate during a day. Maybe for a day that wasn´t all good, then it´s even more important to think it over.

So this was my not-so-exciting day...

Outer beauty: Thank goodness the morning rain passed away and we got another sunny day with the opportunity to still wear sunglasses, Tory Burch slip-on wedges with bare feet and that I got a sample from my local beauty store of the new YSL Teint Touche Eclat to try at home.

Inner beauty: Just when I need some inspiration Louise Hay has reached over 600 000 of followers on Facebook and celebrating by letting her followers view her new film "Tales of everyday magic - painting the future" for free based upon her life and how positive thoughts can change results in life so this is what I am doing tonight.

Do you do anything similar or anything else on the subject gratitude?

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