Sep 20, 2012

10 Top Rules for accessorizing

Someone hard to neglect in the style and fashion world is Italian born Anna Dello Russo, Editor At Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She is said to take every seasons new trend to perfection and being a true fashionista. Accessories are big this season, and affordable H&M has let Anna Dello Russo design this autumns most trendy accessories collection. On sale from October 4th in H&M.
On her own website she shares her best top ten rules for accessorizing. Since we always want to hear it from the pro, here it goes:
1. ACCESSORIZE ME, Color me, Shock me!

2. Choose only OFF-scale, HUGE,
 OVER-size, accessories.

3. Flashy jewels personalize your STYLE!

4. Amazing accessories‘ll renew 
your ASLEEP closet:
Your old, so beloved, little black dress
‘ll be reawakened by the impact of 
a chunky GOLDEN necklace.

5. Don’t want to give up your old
consumed, shabby black coat?
At least shake it with a THIGH-HIGH leather boots and a MASSIVE METAL clutch.

6. Bijoux are SEASONLESS!
Contrary during the heavy, rainy, graying, boring winter, wear TURQUOISE
 CORAL and GOLD, and the sun ‘ll rise again.

7. The BLING-BLING of jewelry drive away
 the ghosts and the bad thoughts.
8. Put bracelets in pairs: 
the simmetry of the TWINS-CUFFS
 emphasizes your Silhouette.
9. Wear the evening-jewels in daytime.


10. And then, if you have to travel,
 store all your accessories in a turquoise SUITCASE

decorated by gold baroque frames. Make SHINE the airport against the
 anonymity of all those gray suitcases.

I think she´s right in many ways. I especially love that bling-bling of jewellery drive away the bad thoughts and that amazing accessories will renew your asleep closet (great word for it btw).

 Have a sparkling THURSDAY!
Soon the weekend!

{Link with love! Images from 1 photo by Tommy Ton
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