Sep 21, 2012

BON Weekend!

So, it´s officially the weekend again! Maybe the first weekend that actually feels like autumn this year. We are having some friends over for dinner tonight, so preparations have already began. Good planning and preparing the dessert or some other course the night before is always the trick for me, otherwise it wouldn´t happen. Since the weather is still very mild we also plan to spend some time outside, maybe take care of the garden...there is always something to do (a fact every house owner is too familiar with:). How do you spend your autumn weekend, what are you up to? Whatever you do, hope you...
Have a wonderful WEEKEND!
{Link with love! Images via Pinterest from 1 2 


  1. Vilka underbara bilder!
    Önskar dig en underbar helg!
    Kram Jenny

  2. Such pretty fall images! I love the pops of green. I'm off today and will hopefully work on some fall interior decor additions.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh, pictures to die for! SO beautiful.

    Have a wonderful evening with you friends and enjoy the great weather with some gardening. We have similar plans ;)


  4. Hoppas kvällen är trevlig och jag önskar dig också en underbar helg! Kram Jennifer