Aug 5, 2012

Harmony reigns with colour coordinated books

One of the best things I have ever done for our home is to colour coordinate the whole bookshelf. Being bookworms we have a whole wall covered with books. I always felt it was neccessary having the books around me for the feelgood factor of all the inspiring stories and memories, but at the same time I always felt a bit frustrated with the book area being a bit messy and not in harmony with eachother. That is until I colour coordinated the books. It took some hours, but it is all worth it. Now we love the area and can´t spend enough time there. I can´t believe I didn´t do it much sooner. Have you colour coordinated your books or any other tips for the reading area?


  1. I actually haven't thought of that, but it's a good idea! I'm a book worm as well, but don't do much. The only thing I do is arrange them in alphabetical order lol

  2. Vad duktig du är som arrangerar böckerna. Jag vill ha dörrar som stänger in böckerna hihi. Kram Nilla

  3. Jag har en blandning av din variant och Nillas!
    Tycker att färgkoordinerat är så snyggt!
    Kram Jenny

  4. Åh, det var bra jobbat att arrangera böckerna efter färg. Vi har inte ens någon riktigt bokhylla utan här ligger det böcker lite här och var, skulle verkligen behöva fixa någon bra bokhylla.
    Ha det bra! Kram Jennifer

  5. Color-coordinated books -- It looks great.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. 50-50

    Lite ordning, lite inte. Jag koordinerar, maken okoordinerar ;)

    Jag trivs när det hänger ihop, eller åtminstone en röd tråd. Så color coordination is my thing for sure! Du gav mig inspiration!


  7. I'm in love with the color on the bookcases- crazy how the books make the rooms! xO!

  8. tyvärr så ser det INTE ut här hemma, jag kör hullerombuller
    varianten, kanske dax att skärpa till sig där:)

  9. I'm a big fan of colour coordinated books. In my little girls bedroom I have organised all their books according to colour and it looks really fun! It's not the most practical for adult books though! :)