Aug 6, 2012

Some lazy days left...

While summer and vacation is going to an end in Sweden I still try to live as if the summer is still in full bloom. How could we not when the weather is great and it is still time for dining al fresco? It is almost a bit sentimental when the so much longed for summer goes by so fast. So these days I am trying to squeeze as much of the summer into the days as possible. Then, in a couple of weeks, when August magically turns into September, I am ready for the autumn with its new colours, new fashion, new hair (bye bye easy beach hair:) new everything. Autumn can be really inspirational.  Let´s just wait a couple of weeks and stay in lazy mood if we can. When do you feel ready for the autumn?

{Link with love! Images from Pinterest via 1 2 3}


  1. I always find here ideas to inspire me and tips to look better.

    1. Thank you so much Clara and I always appreciate your visits here! And I'll visit your blog:)
      xo Caroline

  2. I live the lantern in the tree and how peaceful to sit with a view like that one. Nothing beats the warm, slower days of summer ;)

  3. I am with you!

    Let us do lazy mood for a while and welcome fall in September. Falls makes me want to buy school supplies and start new projects.....;)


  4. these photos are so tranquil, and i'm def ready for autumn RIGHT NOW! xO!

  5. I am soooo not ready for autumn yet Caroline (even if I have had a sneak peek at the wonderful TOAST winter collection te he he!). But you're right it's still summer in Sweden and we have to spend every last minute of it outside, basking in the sun :) Beautiful pictures.

  6. The way summertime is ending so fast (especially here in Belgium with LOTS of rainy days) I'm feeling like autumn is already here. When it gets rainy, I almost get ready for autumn. Love the new autumn collections everywhere though! ;-) And to me September is the start to decorate my home for Fall. :-)
    Have a great day, loved reading your blog!
    Inge x

  7. Kloka ord som alltid!!
    Instämmer, jag försöker också krama ur och maxa sommaren. Använder klänning varje dag, försöker luncha al fresco etc etc. Låt oss kalla augusti och början av september för sensommar..

    Kram Lina