Aug 3, 2012

Skincare for the beach

Another day at the beach. Life is good. But beach life also puts some pressure on taking care of your skin. What one can do for the skin is to use a high SPF and a great hat. And some products for further help. I like many different brands when it comes to skin care, but I find myself often coming back to Clarins. Maybe it has something to do with all the French chic women looking great at every age. And a family friend who is over 70 years, has almost no wrinkles at all and looks far younger than her age. When I asked her at the beach what she had done to get that great looking skin she told me she has been using Clarins all her grown up life and still do. And she is also not a skinny person, which needs to be mentioned since when getting older too skinny can actually age you and add many years to your face. So I am sure it´s a combination of 1) good genes, 2) not too skinny and 3) a lot of Clarins in her case:) My own Clarins favourite is the fragrance Eau Dynamisante, which can be worn in the sun, and works as a treatment for the skin as well. During winter I spritz it on just for remembering the feeling of summer, sand and beach, since it is such a summery fragrance. I also like to use  the Extra Firming body lotion which is very rich, and after a long day at the beach there is the great After Sun Moisturizer, which is ultra-hydrating and is said to prolong the tan...When I was pregnant I got the "Huile Tonic Body Treatment oil" from a girlfriend, which is said to be great for strech marks. I still use it from time to time since I am a firm believer in all oils there are. Don´t get me started on olive oil...We´ll take that another time:) Now, shall we go to the beach?

Have a SUNNY Friday!

{Link with love! Images from Pinterest via 2 my iPhone 3}