Apr 12, 2012

Creative visualization part 1 - relax

One thing that I needed to be reminded of when re-reading this book (you can read the intro post here if you missed it) is that creative visualization is best done when one is relaxed. Then you put the brain in the alpha level (the busy waking level is called beta), which has a relaxing effect on mind and body.

"Interestingly enough, it (the alpha level) has been found to be far more effective than the more active beta level. What this means for our practical purposes is that if you learn to relax deeply and do creative visalization, you may be able to make far more effective changes in your life that you would by thinking, worrying, planning and trying to manipulate things and people".

"It is especially good to do creative visualization at night just before sleeping, or in the morning just after awekening, because at those times the mind and body are already deeply relaxed and receptive. Having your spine straight helps the energy flow and make it easier to get a deep alpha wave pattern", says Shakti Gawain in her book.

Visualizing is very personal, and up to you how you feel and make it happen for you. According to Shakti Gawain it is not at all necessary to mentally see an image. "Some people say they see very clear, sharp images when they close their eyes and imagine something. Others don´t really "see" anything; they sense or feel it, or they just sort of "think about it", that´s perfectly fine."

So at bedtime tonight, I am visualizing! (No chance in the world for an always morning tired mom of three to make time to visualize early in the morning...:)