Apr 12, 2012

It´s in the bag

Always in my bag. Always. {Clutch from Tory Burch}
I know I am not alone to use lip gloss, a lot. Since Lancôme introduced Juicy Tubes every brand with self respect now have their own tubes with gloss. I always carry at least two glosses, and often more, shuffling them around between bags. A couple of years ago a friend of mine came back from New York and brought with her Beauty Rush from Victorias Secret. It was the perfect gift for a girls (ok women/moms:) dinner party. I was not aware of by the time that Victorias Secret also had a makeup line. Little did I know that it was soon going to be one of my all time favourites. Why? Because they have a special texture that simply stay on and actually do something for your lips, both in gloss and soothing. Later I also got Beauty Rush lip gloss with SPF 15, which is hugely important during summer, as we all know. Though I must say that the texture is not exactly that perfect as in the original Beauty Rush without SPF. I have no idea why, I just know there´s a difference. Nevertheless, this is brilliant too and my go to during summer. I was happy to find them stocked in several airports, so I always buy a few when traveling. Is there anyone else hooked on these simple, inexpensive but just great lip glosses?