Apr 11, 2012

Always in search of...

...the perfect foundation. There are of course a few favourites (well, I am 39 and have had a couple of years exploring this jungle:) but one can never sit back and not keep up with the progress in the makeup industry. The other day I gave in and bought bareMinerals award winning foundation. I know, I am YEARS after many of its followers, but until today I was not that convinced (and I like to think things thru sometimes, since I have bought an endless amount of makeup that I end up not wearing, and I know I am not alone on this one:). What finally got me to buy it was that when I got it applied at a bareMinerals counter, I actually did look "flawless" in the skin, and this totally natural. Another great aspect is that this foundation is said to actually be working FOR your skin while wearing it, which I consider a big plus when pushing 40's...So now I will try it out for a while, for day wear and parties as well, and get back to you with the verdict...

Have a great evening!
{Images from bareMinerals.com}


  1. I have tried it, I am not convinced..

  2. And why didn´t I consult you first...? You always look radiant, hmm...ok, I will give this a try though. Very important with the right brush though, I noticed.

  3. Never tried it, but it looks pretty! xoxo

  4. Jag är också lite efter här... men smart att testa i deras sminkdisk. Det skall jag också göra! :) Kram

  5. Den ger möjligen lyster och täcker hyfsat men för oss som passerat 35 år och behöver mera fukt så föredrar jag flytande foundation. Lycogel är flytande mineralfoundation som låter huden andas och har spf 30.....har provat allt ;) Du kan avsluta m lite puder föratt matta ner lite - ha den som ett komplement Kram