Feb 24, 2015

Having a SPA day

Sometimes you just need to check out. From everything. That´s what I did today, when I checked myself into a SPA for some much needed, quiet alone time. I was actually a bit worn out. Knowing myself and my body, and also being pretty good at listening to it (that is, nowadays), I knew I had to do something and it had to be like...now. I´m a type A-personality having sometimes difficulties shutting down and not checking my emails (thinking they all need my immediate respons and action:). I can tell you that just a few hours here did wonders. That´s my easy trick when feeling stressed or in need of some recharge and inspiration. Checking myself into a SPA for a day or just a few hours. It is much easier to squeeze in this shorter time for yourself between work and family, and you can do it more often. I highly recommend it. And don't bring your phone. Seriously. Enjoy the silence. (Ok, I did took this one picture but then I put away the phone in the locker. It felt really good actually).