Feb 26, 2015

It´s updated [Clinique DDMC]

A while ago I went back to try the then newly relaunched Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion from Clinique, and had to admit it still did the job well (remembering it from the 90s:), probably even better today than I remembered. Now when the new DDM Cream is here I had to give it a try. This goes really well to my rather dry skin. What always amazes me with Cliniques DDM lotion or cream is how much it actually hydrates my skin. It doesn't strike as the most hydrating cream at a first glance, considering its rather thin formula. But I must say, this hydrates more and better than many of my thicker "high performing hydrating" creams. Also, this is a cream that goes a really long way, which we cream junkies prefer.