Nov 24, 2014

The Monday Pep Talk - How to maximize the good times

When something good happens, or someone pays you a compliment, how long do you bask in its glow? Honestly. This is something to think about since most of us just brush it away, while dwelling over negative comments instead. Many people only allow themselves a fleeting moment of pleasure (I am definitely one of them but I am aware of the imbalance and try to remind myself in basking a little bit longer). Prolong these moments as much as you can, if done gradually it will feel more doable and natural. Happiness is vital for our health. Saying thank you and complementing others are two other tricks to make you feel more happy.

If we want to thrive in life we must not only learn from bad times, but also learn from the good times, says the authors of Resilience: The greatest Science of Mastering Life's greatest Challenges to Red Magazine. It's all about MAXIMISING THE GOOD TIMES.

Here's what you can do when something good happens to you:
1. Give yourself credit for whatever part you played in making it happened.
2. Feel grateful for the part you didn´t play in it, wether for other people contributing or just simple good luck.
3. Think of ways that can expand the length and scope of this positive event and implement them.

So, if we only do one thing this week...let's cultivate to be happy and flourish! 

This post was originally published in February 2013

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