Nov 25, 2014

I´m thinking shades of grey

So, at the last minute, I´ve decided to change my mind...The kitchen cupboards will not be white but a warm grey. When I decided to go for white, it was a "safe" choice, but not taken with my heart and intuition. So now I´m following that instead. The only problem being it is very hard to find the perfect hue of grey. Luckily I´ve bought two test cans back home, being pretty sure in the store one of them was the "it colour". It took under a minute of test painting, to realise that none of them was suitable At all. So, today, I´m revisiting the paint store...

Image from Pinterest via Greige Design


  1. Grey is a great idea, warm and sleek but I know exactly what you mean about the tester cans - I seem to buy so many before I find 'the perfect colour.'

  2. Love the idea of grey; it's so "in" for interiors at the moment. I am about to start redoing the Master bedroom in my home and I am also going for a very light grey :-)

  3. OMG - that kitchen and the color is to die for. I love it. Yes, follow your heart!