Jun 20, 2014

The beauty of Amalfi

Some years ago, right before getting married and having children, my husband and I spent a couple of weeks on the Amalfi coast in Italy. I haven´t been back since, but if there´s one place I want to revisit it´s the Amalfi. It´s the most gorgeous coast line having it all. The food is, like everywhere in Italy, from heaven. The area is full of fantastic places to explore, as amazing Capri and Positano. These photos really got me started longing back and they´re from from photographer and foodie Katie Quinn who´s behind the successful blog What Katie Ate. Head over there for more inspiration and more fab photos from Italy. 


  1. No surprise that Amalfi is on the top five on my list of "must do", right?

    Glad Midsommar!


  2. Nyss hemkommen från Amalfikusten ovh jag vill redan tillbaka. Vi hyrde bil i Rom. Cab såklart och drog till Positano och le Sirenuse. Jag har sett många heeelt underbara platser men detta slår allt. Breathtaking galore. Kram