Jun 19, 2014

Gingerly for the beauty addicts

Blush is of highest importance. Maybe one of the most important details actually for a pick me up for the face. Again I´m on the search for a new colour. A more coral tone than my current cold pink, that I have worn for a time now realising it´s not at all what I want for summer. That said and done had me researching the mall yesterday after work. Came home with this; MAC sheer finish powder blush in Gingerly. An almost iconic colour it shows if you google it, being a favourite of the stars like Kim Kardashian, beauty bloggers and editors and one of MAC´s long-term bestsellers. I had no idea about this Gingerly colour, much because it´s likely to first dismiss it in store. You have to try it on your cheeks to give a fair review. I´m rather pale and this goes well with pale skins, but is also flattering for more olive type of skins. It´s a matte finish containing no glitter at all, so it´s perfect for work and every day life, being very natural but although giving a glow. If you do prefer one with glitter it has a close colour called Sunbasque that is also great, having a hint more of pink in it. This summer will be Gingerly for me and if you´re looking for a new colour I highly recommend to try this out in store.