Jun 19, 2014

Gingerly for the beauty addicts

Blush is of highest importance. Maybe one of the most important details actually for a pick me up for the face. Again I´m on the search for a new colour. A more coral tone than my current cold pink, that I have worn for a time now realising it´s not at all what I want for summer. That said and done had me researching the mall yesterday after work. Came home with this; MAC sheer finish powder blush in Gingerly. An almost iconic colour it shows if you google it, being a favourite of the stars like Kim Kardashian, beauty bloggers and editors and one of MAC´s long-term bestsellers. I had no idea about this Gingerly colour, much because it´s likely to first dismiss it in store. You have to try it on your cheeks to give a fair review. I´m rather pale and this goes well with pale skins, but is also flattering for more olive type of skins. It´s a matte finish containing no glitter at all, so it´s perfect for work and every day life, being very natural but although giving a glow. If you do prefer one with glitter it has a close colour called Sunbasque that is also great, having a hint more of pink in it. This summer will be Gingerly for me and if you´re looking for a new colour I highly recommend to try this out in store. 


  1. Gorgeous shades! Almost like a perfect mix of bronzer and blush. x

  2. Älskar Macs rouge. De är bland det bästa på marknaden och dessutom utan att man ruineras. Ha en fantastisk midsommar. Kram

  3. Cool shade, love.

  4. I'm lost and pale without my blush. Pretty shade, however of Kim Kardashians is using it, it wouldn't match my skin tone.