Apr 29, 2014

The mascara

This my friends could easily be one of the best mascaras I´ve ever tried. Really. It´s that good. And I´m not that big on high-end mascaras since I honestly most often don´t think there´s a difference to let 's say e. g Max Factor's Masterpiece. But this YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll made me reconsider. It´s in the brush. It makes the eyelashes longer, a lot. But, don´t be fooled by the rather inappropriate name here, it´s everything but "baby doll". It just leaves you with long, sophisticated instead of clumpy, eyelashes. And I think the thing is it separates amazingly, which will give you a look of more lashes. For me I love it since it´s exactly what I want for a rather natural look,  but still great eyelashes, but do try to layer it for a fuller effect.